Custom designed and built specifically for our Gilbert Street shop. Our ramp is 9m wide, with a 6m section at 5 foot high dropping to a 4ft mini. The whole double ply top is complete with a masonite covering, layed on a 45 degree angle designed to be fast and quiet. With nearly a kilometer of timber making up the skeleton of the ramp and literally a ton of ply sitting on top, we are proud to say that the sweat, blood and beers were all worth it.

A few guidelines for the ramp:

PLEASE wear a helmet (Sorry insurance said so).

PLEASE be a customer.

PLEASE donate a gold coin.

PLEASE ask to ride the ramp. Make sure you come and say hello.

MUST NOT have consumed alcohol or be under the influence whilst riding (Again, Insurance is real).

Most of all the best thing about this ramp is the people that helped make it happen. Without the following crew the world would be with one less halfpipe and we all know we can't afford that!!

Cheers to these legends:

Jasper Leijs, Johnny Smyth, Nick Pinfold, Collin Nevin, Angus Samson & Matt Hodgson.