Ryan Lloyd - Primary Threads - Raw

Date Posted:26 September 2013 

Here's a quick glimpse of some old Ryan Lloyd fotage captured and edited by Kane Chappell with no music just the natural and awesome sounds that come with the enjoyment of him riding his bike https://vimeo.com/70912863. Brought to you by the crew at Primary Threads!

Ryan Lloyd has been back on the bike and hitting some dirt taking it easy but most of all enjoying himself :) Earlier in the year at the Farm Jam Ryan had a nasty crash in New Zealand, 12 stitches to his face, 3 cracked vertebrae and a visit in hospital for a few days! Ryan who is always positive has kept himself busy with various projects and staying that cheerful geezer we all know and love, so we're all very excited to hear this great news for Ryan and look forward to him riding and having fun!

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